The Sporting Life is a journey of imagination and expression, focused on the most exclusive and alluring destinations, adventures, and the finest kit obtainable anywhere. Our goal is to inspire our readers with unique stories and magnificent photography, bringing adventures to life in a fashion never before attempted. From the finest luxury watchmakers to the most superb bespoke firearms crafted by hand, follow us as we showcase the luxury sporting lifestyle in artistic fashion.

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For sportsmen looking for a literary refuge, perhaps on the plains of Africa, the lowlands of Sweden or in a Dakota pheasant field, you’ll find a cherished friend in The Sporting Life magazine, a new brainchild of Michigan-native Thaddius Bedford…. READ MORE>

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If It’s Out There We’ll Find It!

Immerse yourself in adventure and bask in the essence of granular nature, which comprises a proper life experience in the all-consuming natural world. Great sportsmen like Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway are revered because they were supremely interesting people by virtue of their fascinating and expansive life experiences. Let us honor those values and expand those experiences using a fresh and modern, yet traditional lens as we explore The Sporting Life.

Travel & Exploration

Our planet is a grand canvas that features exotic locations and seldom-taveled roads. We want to share our adventures with you in the hopes you’ll want to take them in personally on your future voyages abroad.

Entice The Senses

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life and you enjoy treating yourself to finer things… fine cuisine, rare spirits, exclusive cigars and more. We’ll regularly bring you new discoveries from the four corners of the world.

Sport & Adventure

Yep, you’re that type. Your wiring craves the challenging, the difficult and the adrenalin rush of doing what few others can boast. We get it and we’re right there with you.


Creative Content Geniuses

Evolving into a World-Class Sportsman is more than hunting the Big Five, or punching your full-species sheep ticket; you must develop the patina of a well-lived life…a life which you are confident is your best life…these are the hallmarks of The Sporting Life. Our writers are embued with a natural gift for bringing faraway lands and experiences. Let us take you on a new journey!

Everett Headley

The Falconer

Jamie Dolinar

The Watchmaker

John Caffey

The Medalist

Matthew Gay

The Editor-in-Chief

Sean Finley

The Chef

Mark Fitzpatrick

The Oracle


Our Commitment

The Sporting Life is marinating in dynamic World-Class experiences, the amazing people we meet and befriend along the way, the pearls-of-wisdom shared, and life-altering epiphanies which formulate and steep during this decades-long journey…we are The Sporting Life. We are here to share the Odyssey…Let us challenge, entertain and inspire you.


In the Wilds…

Indulge in our feature pieces which will take you near and far, to great destinations in pursuit of exquisite game, fowl, and fish. Our regular departments will bring you tales of adventures afield, spotlights of the finest gear and pertinent happenings in this lifestyle we live.


Compass Points…

The Sporting Life experience shares adventure that can only be had in some of the most unique and captivating locations across the globe. Come with us as we chronicle these exotic and ancient locations and immerse you in the land, culture, and traditions we highlight through our camera lenses and written prose.

So Very

A Rare Medium Well Done…

Treat yourself to the culinary brilliance of our expert aficionados as they bring you the very best enticement for your palate. From traditional elegance to exotic cuisine, our team of talented contributors highlight the most exceptional dishes, finest spirits, and most perfectly crafted tobaccos from across the globe.


On the Edge…

Our travel and adventure pieces serve to feed that primal longing for wanderlust. Bringing you face to face with journeys and experiences beyond your wildest imagination. From dinner with royalty to treks across the lands of antiquity, allow us to inspire your sense of adventure.

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…and we’re not done yet. We’ll continue to travel the globe searching for the unique, the challenging, the rare and the unknown. We’ve only just begun!

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